I haven’t written much lately. Miss doing so, however, my thoughts of past days would bore even the most avid fan.

Intro to new writings.

Home Again

It has been a really long time since I’ve journaled—the why’s?—I have answered in my mind, and mostly have to do with learning how to cope and deal with a myriad of feelings that I just don’t know how to articulate well enough. At least well enough to share those feelings in an interesting series of posts to share.

But just now, I heard the train whistle at the nearby junction stop and the sound brought back a thousand thoughts.

There are 3 train stops in this little hamlet—all within a coins toss away, really. The train reminds me of so many thoughts, and so here we go.


I’ve taken a hiatus in writing for the last 5 weeks—I am not sure why, but I believe it is because I don’t know how to express my feelings. Yet I do know this..I’m grateful for my family, my dear friends, and the past six months I have been able to share in Needham helping care for Mom.


That is a common question, among many of my friends these days. Why indeed? So that I live without regret for what I could have done, should have done, wished I could do. When it’s too late.

That’s why. For me. For her. For my sisters and brother. Because I know that I can. And, because I care. There are no other reasons required.

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Merry Christmas Eve - I am still in awe that yet another Christmas is upon us, yet I’m glad to be spending this time with my family and friends. It’s been a quick and eventful year, filled with both wonderfully happy events and some life altering ones, as well. It really is the perfect occasion to thank God for the love and blessings, challenges and surprises He has delivered our way, for in every cloud, there has been a silver lining.

Merry Christmas to my family and friends—with hopes and wishes for God’s blessings, peace, and love to be in your midst for all times.

Needham, MA historic colonial dressed in its Christmas best.

Early morning sunrise through The living room window…looks peaceful. It is frigid though—all of 7 degrees at 6:45 this morning! The storm Electra is over, and a clipper is due to hit the east coast tomorrow—my departure is being pushed back yet again. Thursday maybe? Hoping so—I have so much to do this weekend and early next week—the tree is waiting to be trimmed with our cherished ornaments, the mantel decorated with fresh pines, cedar, magnolia, and roses. The crèche on the foyer table, and the angels on top of the grand piano.

In the meanwhile, I keep my lists running, enjoy my time here, and plan dinner. Life is good. Just not going according to my schedule. Flexibility is key…along with patience.

A milestone birthday for my Alex today! It is still amazing to realize he has been part of the center of my life for 21 years—I hardly remember a day when he wasn’t with us!

His humor remains infectious, his laugh full and rich, his passion and commitment for sports and his team mates deep, his quest for knowledge strong, and his loyalty and love never ending. Trials and tribulations, successes and accomplishments; all have helped to shape him and help him grow into the fabulous young man we love and are very proud of. Happy birthday!

Wrapping it Up

Just finished wrapping all the gifts that I purchased this afternoon! I love the selection process, but the wrapping and making the presentation special is my favorite part!

Every year, I find just the right gift wrap and/or gift bags and trimmings for each of the kids, our friends, our family, and our friends. Every package is different, yet identifiable.
Yes, it’s probably an OCD thing, but since most every gift is now from Santa? It works. For us. And? The paper has to be rich-in design, heft, meaning, for each recipient.

With the forecast of a nor’easter this weekend, I’m afraid I will be wrapping up this journey a few days earlier than I planned and want to, as well. Better to be safe than sorry.
The news starting tracking the storm, so I was aware. Then Craig, my brother, Dan—each one called or texted to make certaim that I was aware of the pending weather. Each asked, “need more time?” Or “should you stay or should you leave?” Or “be safe, you are always welcome whenever you need to be here”. How lucky am I!????

I have to wrap it up a few days early…so that I can be home with Craig and the kids, decorate for Christmas (yes… The turkeys and pumpkins are still all over my home!). However, as soon as the kids return to class, I will depart for Needham—to be with mom, share in her journey, and hopefully be a help. Thanks be to God for He is Good!