A NHS alumni, and one of Needham’s elite and well known artists painted this photo of me for a birthday gift. Online gift. What a surprise and for me, an honor! I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened my Facebook page and saw this rendition of me staring at me!

I have never met this gal in person, however own a few prints of her works. Our town’s trees are decked out in our alma mater’s colors of blue and white during Christmas. Jean painted a lovely picture which I had to have—she also has painted other historical and scenic buildings, parks, gardens and homes that reside in our hometown. I have a picture of our high school that she painted. Typical New England type of HS—on the hill, looming large and scary when you are young and in elementary and junior high! Not scary once you reach the age to attend though! All of Jean’s pictures bring back memories—mostly good ones!

Started following Jean last fall—she was polite and followed me in return. We started engaging in conversations on Facebook—social media that isn’t always as social as it was intended to be. I have delighted in Jean’s artistic works—and she usually posts her work on Facebook before she includes them in her gallery page of her website.

Never in my wildest dreams or thoughts did I ever think that I would be the subject of one of her creations. I am humbled and honored. And,I am a believer in social media used correctly…to connect and build a relationship that can one day be realized face to face, too. I will definitely be calling my friend before heading home next trip—I can’t wait to take her to dinner or tea or lunch!